IMPERIAL AIRWAYS: Heracles and Hannibal, Scylla, Atalanta, Scipio

Artist : Anonymous
Title : IMPERIAL AIRWAYS: Heracles and Hannibal, Scylla, Atalanta, Scipio
  • Printing : Lithograph in colours
  • Condition : A-
  • backed on linen : Yes
Date : 1936
Dimensions : 30 x 20 ins (76.20 x 50.80 cm)

Price :£ 1,250
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This Imperial Airways poster the “Greatest Air Service in the World” was used to depict the planes used by the airline. On close inspection of the cut outs of the planes you can see the high level of luxury passengers enjoyed Flying in the 1930s was a luxury few could afford, the era of cheap travel did not arrive till the 1970s.


Both Imperial Airways and British Airways operated during the 1930s . British Airways mainly operated in Europe and Imperial was also Europe and long range.


Flying in those days was in daylight only, and the planes flew through the weather not over as they do today. London – Karachi in 1929 took 7 days!!

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