Artist : Henry Charles Beck (1902 - 1974)
Title : LONDON RAILWAYS TRANSPORT, Diagrams of lines
  • Printing : Lithograph in colours
  • Printer : McCorquodale, & Co., Ltd., London
  • Condition : A-
  • backed on linen : No
Date : 1948
Dimensions : 6 x 9 ins (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Price :£ 775
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Henry Charles Beck or better known as Harry Beck was the creator of the lay out of the present London Underground maps. The Underground maps, before Beck’s innovative layout, followed the roads of London making the distance between stations more accurate but Beck argued that passengers didn’t care about that but where the train went , where to change and also have a  diagram easier to understand. He first submitted his idea to Frank Pick in 1931 the Publicity dept. of the London Underground rejected it. Beck persisted and in 1932, 500 copies were printed and it was an instant success. So much so that the idea is now used the world over.


The interesting part of this 1948 H.C. Beck map is to compare the system to the other 1945 Beck tube map in this on-line exhibitionand see how things have changed in just 3 years and then to the London Underground of today and realised how much it has expanded.

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