CLACTON-on-SEA. British Railways

CLACTON-on-SEA. British Railways ()
Artist : Anonymous
Title : CLACTON-on-SEA. British Railways
  • Printing : Lithograph in colours
  • Printer : Fleming & Humphreys Ltd., Leicester
  • Condition : B+
Date : (circa) 1955
Dimensions : 40 x 25 ins (101.60 x 63.50 cm)

Price :£ 425
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This poster of Clacton is wonderful piece of 1950’s advertising. British Railways had this poster depict a wonderful beach scene with a perfect couple with their perfect children; a boy and a girl and of course Granny is being aired for the day/week. She might be useful!!!!!


Clacton-on-sea  is not really showed on this poster, an ancient town going back to 100 BC! There are traces that the romans used Clacton as a seaside resort, so nothing new. Modern day Clacton was founded in 1871, a pier was built. Its recent heyday was from the 1950’s to the 1970’s

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