LONDON'S FAIRS, London Underground

Title : LONDON'S FAIRS, London Underground
  • Printing : Lithographs in colours
  • Printer : Curwen Press
  • Condition : A
  • backed on linen : Yes
Date : 1951
Dimensions : 40 x 25 ins (101.60 x 63.50 cm)

Price :£ 1,250
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1951, the year of the Festival of Britain but Britain was suffering severe austerity, food stamps and shortages. Great Britain was still suffering from WWII.

Many things were being done to boost Britain including London Transport, which was to encourage stylistic variety for its posters around its network.

William Roberts (1895 – 1980) a Vorticist shows in this original Vintage poster the Cubist influence he had absorbed 30 years before.

There are two parts to this poster. A purely pictorial image, with the London Underground symbol bottom left.The second with a repeat of the pictorial imagery at the top and bottom edges and text for the most part. Please read the text….

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