STRATFORD-on-AVON, British Railways

Title : STRATFORD-on-AVON, British Railways
  • Printing : Lithograph in colours
  • Condition : B-
Date : (circa) 1950
Dimensions : 40.16 x 50 ins (102.01 x 127 cm)

Price :£ 550
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STRATFORD-on-AVON is famous the world over because of its Bard! In this poster Newbould uses Falstaff to further the attraction to the town.


Also in this poster is Harvard house. Which is at 26 High street, Bought in 1909, by the American millionaire Edward Morris of Chicago and after extensive restoration given to Harvard University.


The relationship to the University is a John Harvard who immigrated to Massachusetts, America in 1636 and bequeathed a large sum and his library to what would become Harvard University, named after him. 

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