IGOR STRAVINSKY, Metropolitan Opera 1981 - 82

IGOR STRAVINSKY, Metropolitan Opera 1981 - 82 ()
Artist : David Hockney (Born 1937)
Title : IGOR STRAVINSKY, Metropolitan Opera 1981 - 82
  • Printing : Silk screen in colours
  • Condition : A
Date : 1981
Dimensions : 38 x 17 ins (96.52 x 43.18 cm)

Price :£ 1,250
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Eric Shanes wrote of this poster, one of the few complete Hockney poster designs, 'From 1982 dates the brilliantly effective Stravinsky triple-bill poster for the New York Metropolitan Opera House's production of The Rite of Spring, Le Rossignol and Oedipus Rex. In keeping with the nature of these ballets and single-act operas, from top to bottom Hockney gives us a child-like - and thus suitably 'primitive' - face, a Chinese-like blue and white face (with its undertones of Ming ceramics) and a classical Greek-like head, which incorporates the imagery of a tragic mask. In this work Hockney's characteristic eclecticism is employed to powerful visual effect.'


Reference: ‘Off the Wall: Hockney Posters’ catalogue number 104.

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