Atom. Nettoyage par le Vide

Atom. Nettoyage par le Vide ()
Artist : H Besson
Title : Atom. Nettoyage par le Vide
  • Printing : Lithograph in colours
  • Condition : B+
  • backed on linen : Yes
Date : 1905
Dimensions : 55.12 x 38.98 ins (140 x 99.01 cm)

Price :£ 675
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A vacumn cleaner, circa 1900. This with the washing machine revolutionised the household chores. The toaster changed the breakfast diet. These appliances showed that electricity could be used for other things than lightbulbs and made our daily lives easier and more pleasant.


In this vintage poster you see the vacumn cleaner but also observe the dress of the child as well as of the cleaning staff, they portray a bygone day.

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