ITALIAN LINE. North South Central America

Artist : A. Barboni
Title : ITALIAN LINE. North South Central America
  • Printing : Lithograph in colours
  • Condition : A-
Date : (circa) 1960
Dimensions : 38.61 x 23.79 ins (98.07 x 60.43 cm)

Price :£ 475
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The Italia di Navigazionne S.p.A better know as The “Italian Line” or “Italia Line” was founded in 1932 and served under various guise, such as Transatlantic liners, cruising and freight until 2005 when it ceased to exist.

Its main routes were Transatlantic routes; from Italy to North and South America. From the 1960’s started to run cruises and from 1981 it became a global freight operator.

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