Vermicelle Brusson Jeune

Artist : Anonymous
Title : Vermicelle Brusson Jeune
  • Printing : Lithograph in colours
  • Condition : A
Date : (circa) 1900
Dimensions : 15 x 20.50 ins (38.10 x 52.07 cm)

Price :£ 225
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This poster for Vermicelle Brusson Jeune is a pure picture of its time, dating from c.1900 it shows a maid and the dress she would have been wearing when in service at the turn of the 19th Century.

Brusson Jeune was at the beginning of the XX century one of the main producers of pasta and cereals in France, Created in 1872 it employed over 700 employees. Since 2000 it has been sold several times and in 2012 was on the verge of banhrupcy.

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