Title : CHAT NOIR, Ce Soir
  • Printing : Lithograph in colours
  • Printer : Charles Verneau, Paris
  • Condition : A
Date : 1896
Dimensions : 24 x 15.50 ins (60.96 x 39.37 cm)

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This poster for the “Chat Noir” a cabaret initially located on the Blvd de Rochechouart was a “Must Go” place for the Paris in crowd at the end of the 19th Century, it eventually moved to Blvd Clichy.

Rodolphe Salis opened his cabaret in 1881, Salis gave the name, apparently after taking in a lost Black Kitten. It became famous for the décor done by various artist of the day and the poets/song writers that assembled there. Salis installed a piano, which was a huge novelty at the time and helped the Chat Noir become one of the most fashionable places of Paris.

Steinlen, who was a Catophile, was in his element portraying a cat in this poster for the cabaret. 

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